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  1. Chris

    I own 2004 BMW 325i I had a transmission problem I spend so
    much money to get it fix unfortunately I cannot find any one to
    tel me what is really going on with it I was looking on line I find
    an add for BMW repair shop and I call the Buber and Nazier
    answer the phone and when I told him what is the problem he
    ask me to bring the car in and told me no charge for diagnostic
    tel he find the problem I went in they took my car in and they
    give me a shuttle to the shopping center next to the airport and
    with in 30 minute they call me and they told me they find the
    problem first I did not believe it and I ask them to do the repair I
    will take the max and go home he said no need for that the
    repair only will take 1hour of. Curse in one hour my car is ready
    and they find the problem I have a leak from the power steering
    hose on the alternator and not giving the TCM enough power
    thank you E&A for saving my money and my time you have
    customer for life .

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